Sunday, April 23, 2006

Were these the greatest Glenners of them all?

Situation -the Bught Park and here we see a Glen team with two pieces of silverware. When will we see that again? They would appear to have the Sutherland Cup and the MacGillivray (Junior) League Cup in front of them.
Interestingly last week on the artificial turf at Drum three of that squad were down trying to get the present Glen squad to pick up some of the tips that made them great-hold the shape of the team , get to the ball first and other secrets too arcane to be given out here. Hats of to Geordie Stewart (fifth left back row) Peter English (fourth in from right in back row) and capo de tutti capos, Jimmac Mackintosh (last man in shorts right hand side front row)
The have one further reason to be remembered too. They must have been the last Glen side until the present one to each have had a full head of hair.

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