Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What a Downer!!

With the exception of young Neil Macvicar we have a bunch of geriatric gloryhunters here picking up the Zandra Mackintosh Memorial Quaich. Mike Cameron is an innocent bystander : he simply can't believe the barefaced cheek of this team of townies.
Davie MacVicar and Geordie Stewart have every right to look smug-no-one is going to accuse them of being the female member of the team in a hundred years time. Garry Smith looks smug too but isn't it about time Jock wrote himself a prescription for new contacts. Davie Stewart seems to be meditating. What is Lucas on? Can the wing centre have some?
No one can blame the real female member of the team Di Fraser for refusing to be photographed with this bunch.

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