Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Lochcarron 1 Glenurquhart 1-but the Glen are better on paper so why didn’t they get both points?

A typical end of season affair on paper. A 1-1 draw and the Glen losing a point to a side they were capable of playing off the park , provided they can ever get them on the park that is.
“No way would I ever have let in a goal like that” was the comment by Glen keeper Dave Emery (pictured on his toes above) when Mr Reid broke the news to him at the recent shinty meeting that Lochcarron had sued for peace and asked for the Glen to share the points with them in a paper exercise to tidy up the fixtures backlog. Was the pitch unplayable? Probably but if the Glen actually ever finish a playing season-they have not done so for the past three years-then we’ll know that the Camanachd Association is earning its fees.
The treasurer had another request.
“What about the referees fee that we pay the Camanachd? Are we not due some cash back for the unplayed fixture?” he asked Mr Reid
“Where do you think you are, Treasurer? Tescos?” said Mr Reid who was obviously pleased to be finally clear for the season of having to phone up non responding secretaries and refs .
He was also looking forward to having some time alone with his Strathdearn medal.
“Don’t you think,” said Hendo “that there should be a sort of shinty group like the Pools panel to judge the results of games that have not been played and give a little credibility to the fixtures”
“Good idea,” said the Chairman “It would also be a good move especially since we now seem to be building an unfinished element into all our seasons. It would be a sign of good governance if the Camanachd brought just such a body into being.”
“I would be against having to pay an extra fee just for that,” stated the Treasurer , emphatically.
“Maybe after the AGM on Saturday that won’t be within your power to do anything about” said Mary with a hint of menace. “Not that it is of any interest to me any more” she added as an afterthought.
The Treasurer frowned and withdrew from the conversation : he pretended to have no more interest in matters and concentrated on an old bank statement. It was however upside down.
“The only problem is who would sit on such a panel” stated Alan , ever the pragmatist.
“Well for a start” said Mr Reid “there’s Geordie and Ken”
“Don’t you think the other sides might think that they would be a little too Glen biased? “ said Dave the Keeper.
“I don’t see the problem, “ said the Chairman. “They would be fine as long as there were some others there to give the panel some balance.”
“There couldn’t be anyone from Strathglass” stated Mary “Not that it is of any interest to me any more”
“Well no-that stands to reason. Strathglass don’t have anyone who knows anything about shinty anywhere in the whole Strath except Jimmac- and he is really from the Glen”
The Treasurer perked up.
“What about Coke? He’d be OK”
There was a silence in the Committee Room which seemed to last an eternity.
“Are you trying to be deliberately offensive?” said the Chairman.
“No. I just though that seeing he’s a top referee and he knows the game and he’s from the South his name should be in the frame” replied the Treasurer his glasses steaming up with embarrassment at having to defend a comment.
The Chairman and Mary exchanged looks.
Alan took out some lotto tickets and jingled the money bag about but the tension remained unbroken. Finally he said “Look. The Treasurer is a west coaster. You know what they’re like”
“So is Coke,” said the Chairman “but we don’t accept it as an excuse from him”
“Who else from other places could be on the panel?” said Hendo trying to move matters on.
“Jamie Bell for a start- he could represent Aberdeen- and his brother Davie. He could keep us right on legal matters. Burton Morrison would be another good one and young Raymond Robertson from Boleskine to represent the youth.”
“Sounds a good panel” said the Chairman “Geordie, Ken, Jamie Burton , Davie and Raymond”
“That is six”, said the Treasurer “You’ll need a casting vote if they tie 3-3”
“And who would you like to suggest?” said Mary. “not that it is of any further interest to me”
“What about Ian Macleod or Jamie Macpherson? “ said the Treasurer.
The silence which ensued was as silent a silence as the human imagination could comprehend. Not a sound was heard : not a leaf stirred.
“Look “ said Mr Reid “We have to have someone who will speak up for the Glen. I propose that the Shinty Panel should always contain a Glen player from the 1977 Strathdearn Cup winning team”
“Fine compromise” said the Chairman, “That proposal seems sound to me. All agreed. Right we’ll submit it to the Camanachd AGM”

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