Thursday, October 16, 2008

Simply the Best-Barr None

Glen (should have got) 4 - Kilmallie 3
Inverness 0 - Hendo’s Heroes 8
Here is what the fans have been waiting for all season-Captain Courageous with the trophy in his hands at Canal Park. Bit of fancy photography here-notice the reflection of the rest of the guys in the polished silver of the old Cup. Come to think of it, if this has to be pointed out then the photography is not quite as hot as it was intended to be, but then who really cares? Not the Wing Centre.
The other snap-it has to be the real team of the year – shows Mr Menzies & Mr Maclean , Whytie the Trainer and Hendo of the Heroes. Hendo’s Heroes by the way simply need to keep focused and with a bit of luck will end up picking up their trophy and if they can notch a few goals in the last game or two might even end up scoring more goals for the season than even Ronald Ross himself. What is more, Mr Stuart (The Raptor) Morrison, former superstar of Premier and Camanachd Cup fame may even end up scoring more goals than even Ben Hosie what with his "predatory tendencies" as described by The Courier. Who can say?
One thing that does have to be said though is that it was cruel for the manager to play Lewis Maclennan in goals against Kilmallie in the last game of the season just so he would not be top goal scorer for the second year running. Of course the real motive for putting Lewis in goals and resting Davie Girvan and Arran Macdonald was to give Kilmallie a chance to win a match on their own turf in front of their own fans, them having blown the League, the MacTavish and the Balliemore all in the one season. Stuart Mac was of course annoyed to have been left out seeing as he has the best league record as a keeper -across all the Leagues that is. However, Dave Emery who is second best goalie across all the Leagues, definitely has a claim against Gary Mackintosh who stood in for Dave while he was in Australia (and lost some goals it has to be said) because without Gary’s intervention there is every chance Dave would have been chosen as Glen goalie of the year-now things are not so clear cut. If that seems unfair on Dave then that is just how it is in the cut throat world of Glen goalkeeping - after all this is the village which produced hail keepers like Dodo Cameron, Tommy McKenna, Len Macrae, Calvin Oliver, Peter Macdonald and Billy Macleod. The Wing Centre is sure if Mikey Fraser can just stick in at Caley Thistle he will eventually get a phone call from either Mr Menzies or Mr Maclean and he can once more compete for the honour of wearing the red and black jersey, though he will most certainly have to stop wearing his socks pulled up over his knee caps.
Anyway the Glen scored a neat goal in five minutes when Gregor McCormack fired a shot in on goalie Bochy MacNiven who got his feet to it only to find the ball going back out to Neale Reid who put the Glen one up. Then the Glen side line was distracted because the news came through on the mobile that the heroes were going mad in Inverness " Raptor" Morrison had only gone and scored two goals and it looked as if the Heroes were on their way.
Kilmallie appear to have scored an equaliser at that point –not that the Wing Centre was watching because there was a heron on the shoreline that had distracted him- and then someone on the sideline said something harsh in a Lochaber accent about spoiling the party.
"How could you spoil a party if you weren’t invited to it ?" suggested the Wing Centre to himself inside his head and then reflected that there were even people in Strathglass who would be further up the guest list for the party than the party in question - though possibly not Roy.
Then a further roar went up from the sideline-Ben Hosie had scored against the Town and then another roar, "Panda "Crichton had put in another one . Then joy of joys, the Raptor completed his hat-trick. The heroes were in the comfort zone now.
"Look Wing Centre - come off that phone!" It was Jimmac with news from the non-game that was going on in the Canal Park. "Kilmallie have scored two more goals"
"Any good?"
"Not really. The defence is not trying but we better put in a wee effort now. It’s all very well feeling sorry for them because they messed up their season but enough’s enough"
Then the Wing Centre and Jimmac went to Mr Menzies & Mr Maclean and after a minute or two they told the team to try and put on Davie Girvan and Arran and Calum Miller and moved Dixon Maclennan up front and if it not been for the fact that Bochy MacNiven had his one good game of the season then the Glen would surely have won 4-3.
Meanwhile, at the Bught the day was rounded off with a super goal from Ben Hosie and a final strike from Calum Fraser who is incidentally going to be married soon and to whom all the best is wished-provided his new status will not affect his shinty that is.
And that’s the way it finished, Glen beat Inverness 8-0 – but it was also gratifying to see that Kilmallie can win a game when it doesn’t really matter – and the Glen wish them all the best for next season’s North Division 1 campaign.
So up the road we went -being refused entry at the Invergarry Hotel - but on we carried regardless to the Blar where we had our party and then we went home.
All we need to do now is cross the Corran Ferry on Saturday and return with two more points, which is quite ironic because four Glen boys will be playing for Scotland in Ireland on Saturday but no-one in Drum will be watching, because we will all be in Ardnamurchan. That’s how passionate we are about the old sport.

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