Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oops they did it again!

Of course there are plenty Glen related posts backing up here at D-Central but then , having got a photo of young Ali Mac the Wing Centre is still waiting for a pic from Lewis in the Under-21s. Not only that, but the D was all set to go with snaps of Ewan Brady and Drew Maclennan in the North under-14s and under -17s when the terrible news arrived from over Culnakirk -Lovat had won North Division 1. The news, of course, could have been more terrible: the Glasaich might have had two trophies in the one season - three if you count the Macdonald Cup – and that would have been extremely upsetting.
Still the D always carries a piece about the winners of North Division 1 and this year no exception can be made. Well done to the Crofters although to be frank, the best thing you can say about them is that you have to be happy for their Mams, their girlfriends, their wives and their sisters having had to put up with all their capers all year.
At least it paid off and the girls surely won’t have to go with them to Bute, Oban and Tighnabruaich to watch them play in the same way as they felt obliged to be spectators in Beauly, Strathglass and Strathpeffer. The guys go up to the Premier and now the WAGs can have whole Saturdays in Debenhams and Next, not to mention Monsoon and La Senza ( Don't ask!)
Perhaps they might even manage a wee spin on the train to Glasgow when the lord and master in parading his caman skills on a wet Saturday on Mossfield.
It is certainly the way the girls in Drum think and why they were so desperate to see the Glen remain in the top division. But then perhaps the ladies of Kiltarlity are different? The Wing Centre remembers having a conversation with a worthy gentleman of a mischievous disposition many years ago.
“You know, young fellow” he said (it was a while ago) “a husband from the Glen and a wife from Kiltarlity make a fine combination.”
“Why is that, Alistair?” –for it was he...
“Well the Kiltarlity female is a very hard worker. She has to be: the men over there hardly do a hand’s turn. Then there is also the fact that living close to the big house she is always used to taking orders. What is more, young man, she will always be grateful to you for taking her out of Kiltarlity!”
All of which seems to suggest that this triumph is due to the combined efforts of Mary Ann, Mrs Bell, the Mrs MacRitchies (sen and jun), the Mrs Gallaghers (and young Miss Gallagher) Mrs Matheson and the Mrs Ferguson making sure they can have their Saturdays shopping in Eastgate but what’s the betting the guys think they did it themselves?
And ,as you can see from the photo, their Mams etc. are not going to be happy with them when they come back home in whatever state they clearly intend to get into. However, you do have to hand it to them for their late run especially when, having conceded to Beauly in the opening game, they picked up a win down at the Canal parks against Kilmallie who certainly were the team the Wing Centre fancied to go up this season- but then apart from the opening game of Lovat’s Premier season (against Kingussie) the Wing Centre did not see them play though the results were close enough. The guess is that in their Premier season they missed out on a top class striker – and it is possible that they have now found one ,though the goals for tally is a considerable way below that of Kilmallie. There is no doubt they have the keeper though
Enough already
Here in the Glen we have had the Sale of Work (successful-thanks to all) and we still have to play Inveraray. Before we know it will be the AGM and then Xmas and then Zandra’s Sixes and then let the Games begin all over again.

One more thing. The photo of Fraser Gal with the cup. For some reason this is the only way it will stay on the page. The Wing Centre has tried turning it round but somehow it seems to be more natural upside down-Antipodean as it were.
Thanks for the use of the picture to Neil Paterson whose website and e mail are given below. Worth a look especially for the photo of John Barr burying Tommy Walsh.


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