Sunday, June 26, 2011

Glen steals one ‘More win.

Glenurquhart 0 Glen Mackintosh 1

The game opened with a quick Glen attack but the most telling move of the match – and in truth the only one to count- came in the seventh minute when a corner taken out on the right beside the soon to vanish old tennis court came across the D. Newtonmore’s top scorer Danny Macrae stepped over it confusing the defence who presumably thought he would have a swing at it , but no, he let the ball slip through to Glen Mackintosh who fired it home just inside keeper Stuart Mackintosh’s right hand post. One nil and the only consolation to be taken from it at that point was that at least it was a boy called Glen who actually scored.
The real Glen then sort of woke up and within two minutes Arran Macdonald had tested keeper Sean MacQuarrie with a nice shot from distance but the ‘More keeper was up to the task. Glen continued to press and were awarded a series of corners from one of which the ball broke to Lewis Maclennan but his shot flew wide, while a second chance which fell to Ruaraidh Cameron was blocked by defender Norman Campbell.
Newtonmore themselves moved up field on the 20 minute mark and while Danny Macrae did not look to get much up front the more lively Stephen Macdonald did get himself on the end of a shot which Stuart Mackintosh stopped comfortably.
Glen continued to press at the other end but although they racked up a number of corners with no appreciable result in front of goal. A breakaway from the centreline by Billy Urquhart also ended in frustration when the ball went tight across the face of goal just ahead of incoming attackers Lewis Maclennan and David Smart. Cameron too had an opportunity when Maclennan played him in but found Newtonmore defender Rory Kennedy in the way. A long shy from Arran Macdonald again found Cameron but once again the ball failed to drop sweetly for the Glen forward and the chance was lost. On the balance of play by this stage the Glen really ought to have been level but the feeling was beginning to creep up on the spectators sheltering in the stand against the intermittent drizzle that is was just going to be one of those days. Trouble is that for Glenners of the black and red variety there have been too many of them over the past few weeks.
As the clock ran down to the interval Newtonmore began to reassert themselves courtesy of some uncharacteristic Glen footering about at the back and first Glen Mackintosh shot wide then Ackie Macrae missed a glorious chance for Newtonmore by firing the ball high over the bar just before the break.
The second half by common consent belonged to the Glen- and that is usually the case when they shoot towards the shop and early on in the second session Sean MacQuarrie in the visitor’s goals showed that he was going to have a big influence on the game when he got his feet to a shot by Lewis Maclennan and then knocked away another attempt from the same player just afterwards. At the other end Danny Macrae had a fruitless attempt- and then defender Fraser Mackintosh had to come off with an injury which if it proves long term could cause Newtonmore difficulties in the run up to the end of the season. By this stage the Newtonmore defence were holding on grimly and Norman Campbell at the back drove them on to resist the tide of Glen attacks. MacQuarrie just about hung on to his composure as a ball came across from the left and ran across the goal mouth with him lying on the ground but the incoming Glen front men could not squeeze the ball over the line and Campbell stepped in to rescue. Finally with almost the last hit of the ball, Arran Macdonald who had a fine game in the centreline , launched a high dropping ball on to the Newtonmore goal but the keeper stood firm to stop the shot and ultimately earned his side both points which was truthfully one more than they actually deserved on the day.
Best for Glen were the back line with John Barr excellent. Andrew Corrigan and Stuart Reid also did well. Good for Newtonmore was the red haired lad in the centreline and of course Norman Campbell and the goalie but their best player was the lady in the stand who kept up a running commentary on the match to the extent that Ally Mac (sen) was very impressed with a girl who knew so much about the game.
“I don’t think that lassie comes from Newtonmore,” said he to the whole stand. ”She talks too much sense”
She pretended not to be secretly pleased
“Have you only worked that out now from the accent?” said herself.
“I never thought about the accent,” whispered Ally to the Wing Centre “It just that she knows her shinty.” Al was clearly smitten.” If she doesn’t come from Newtonmore, she’s probably from further south from the sound of her voice-even out of the region. I’ll bet she was brought up at Dalnaspidal.”
“Never heard anyone from Dalnaspidal speak before but they would sound Perthshire-ish. To my mind she’s some dame-ac from Argyll who’s been exiled to Newtonmore-maybe she’s even from Oban by that voice” said the Wing Centre.
“Rubbish!” said Al “I’ve never met anyone from Oban who really knew about shinty- she’ll no be from there”
And it is possible that Ally was right but then again he’s not right always… so who knows? But she would be an asset in the Glen where a chick that can make the tea and talk about shinty is always welcome.
When the whistle blew at the end of the game there was then an exodus of ‘More players in a car –Mr Cheyne, Mr Mackenzie et al- back down to the Eilean where they arrived in just enough time to turn a game that was chuntering along at 2-2 (two first half goals from Daniel Mackintosh) into a 7-2 defeat for the Glen. Wish we had thought of it first.
Back in Drum though everyone appeared hopeful. The team had played well enough but had not actually made League progress. Still with Fort William to come at home the hope was that at least a point was there to be picked up.
Pictures- they are getting scarce. Perhaps Neil Paterson will send one over if he comes to cover the Fort William match?

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