Friday, March 10, 2017

Snapping to it for posterity

There have been times over the last few months when the “D” was resting, that this scribe set to making a list of iconic shinty photos which he would take with him to a desert island if he were ever to be sent there with some chosen music, the Good Book and the Complete Works of Alasdair mac Mhaighstir Brus.
Tops amongst them will always be that picture of Billy. Everyone who is from the Glen knows that picture – and they will for all time remember exactly just where they were when that pic of a boy called Urquhart from a Glen called Urquhart holding some broken stuff did its viral soar into the world’s headlines.

But there have been a few other ones that caught the attention- and they are not just the team photos. 
One that popped up after the Marine Harvest awards was a snap depicting the only two Glen defenders to have managed to get a hold of these two Newtonmore guys since the early 1980s. 
Siobhan and Deb probably were able to mark Brick and Mack tighter than Ali Mac or Angus MacInnes ever did back in the day, but then they’re both old grandpas now and can’t run so fast- though it’s doubtful if they actually tried on this occasion.

Whatever, it’s a lovely cheery photo- and deserves a place in the Glen shinty scrapbook though one guesses the ladies of Badenoch won’t be quite so keen- and if any of these Badenoch ladies don't believe the boys' story that the gals were Glen Shinty players, here is the proof.

Then there is the President. 
He has been playing in goals recently – and when the Wing Centre went to watch him in training on the Astro the other night, it was clear he has a superb eye for the ball. This was a gift which was not too apparent when he took part in the pre-season trip to Cabers. That afternoon wasn’t a great one for the Glenners because the world’s greatest National League player scored four times. 

Turned out however that the President had left his desk in a hurry and forgotten to take his specs with him. Now he always packs them along with his Litesome Support- and it has to be said the difference is amazing. Skye’s Danny Morrison could only get the ball past him by resorting to a sneaky flicking manoeuvre. Anything else was simply smashed away- and if Kilmallie supremo Mark MacPherson was quoted accurately in the P & J- and granted that is a big IF- Gazza had a good game between the sticks despite the driving rain testing the anti-mist properties of his speuclairean.

True he was beaten twice by the Rodger brothers- both good enough players though in the Wing Centre’s estimation Sunny still remains the greatest Rodger athlete. But that might just be bias because he played for the Town. 

But what about this album snap of Lloydie taken on the same Saturday when the Glen gave Kilmallie a “Frostie” welcome back into the Premiership. The young man is just minding his business out on the side of the field trying to knock the ball as far away from the President as he can- so far so good.

But just see how those chicks are looking at him. It must make his mum wonder if she dare let him out on his own. He's just playing shinty- not auditioning for a gig with the Chippendales. It makes you wonder why they weren't looking at the President in the same way.

Anyway- back to the opening game of the season. The 4-2 result takes the Glen alphabetically to the top of the table. Heady stuff- and yet before the match started what with the pounding rain in Drum- yours truly had been wondering if the game would go ahead out west. Now maybe Kilmallie would wish it had not taken place but there is no doubt about it- from the start they were up for it.

Indeed it was Michael Rodger who gave Kilmallie the lead midway through the first half but that was quickly cancelled out by a smashing strike from Callum Smith which brought the sides level just before the break.

In the second half a nice strike from Duncan Rodger put Kilmallie back in front before James "Frostie" Macpherson did well to chase down a ball that looked to be going out and bring the sides back to scoreline equality with a fine strike. Two further attempts which involved first class shooting from the tightest of angles allowed the Glen front-man to complete his hat-trick that knocked the resolve out of a Kilmallie side that might have hoped to open their campaign with a home win.

Sheena's pic? The goal-scoring chap was moving so fast that was the only opportunity to get him in frame.

Still words of caution to the Glen- one win does not a successful summer make – but depending on what players Mr Macleod has for each contest, there is reason to keep positive and motivated.
And iconic shinty pictures? There are bound to be a few other crackers from the snappers.
Thanks to Neil Paterson and Sheena Lloyd for the most obvious shinty pics- for Billy and for the party snap thanks to Anon.

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