Wednesday, April 11, 2007

In the Name of the Father : Let’s hear it for the old guys

This pic owes a great deal to Mr Reid- who though he may be retired
( but never retiring) still has to put up with some slagging in his domestic situation with two shinty playing sons who don’t imagine their father to have been quite the iconic figure he actually was in days of yore when the Glen were a force in everyone else’s Glen as well as their own. As well as being part of the 1977 squad ( we are not worthy etc…)he was also a member of the 1978 squad which won -for the second time the Dewar Shield (Don’t ask!!). Guys - last time the Wing Centre checked, apart from the Robertson Cup you don’t have what Dad has!
The snap also perhaps will let Dixon Maclennan realise that his Dad also has more medals than he has and as for Paul and Neil Mackintosh , they might come to a new awareness that their dad DP , follically challenged though he may now be, still retained a greater thickness of thatch in his 30s than they now sport in their 20s -admittedly the pace of life is much faster now.
Stuart Mackintosh and Young Ali Mackintosh should always be aware that unless they get to a Camanachd cup final and play better than the entire Kingussie team, Ali Mac will always be one up on them
Stewart Morrison is grey haired now but here forever youthful is Graham Morrison -with a winners medal too
Mark and Davie Stewart , Stuart Fraser, Craig Carmichael and Master Ruaridh Cameron should take note -Dad’s are the Lads
So there we have it - 1978- Lochcarron is the venue and the prize was the Dewar Shield. Who(m) did we beat? Find that out for yourself.
And the others in the pic? Angie Macinnes went off to Canada with his bandage: Len Macrae’s son Brian has turned out for Ardnamurchan.
And the Wing Centre and Wee Billy Macleod - nothing but daughters but then, with all that testosterone, what else can you expect?

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