Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lets Get Quizzical!

Glenurquhart 8 Fort William/Strathglass 8

There’s only one way to deal with a shinty day like last Saturday: have a celebration! Which is what the Glen did, when after defeating Strathglass 7-1 on their own Hydro-field , the Wing Centre spent the evening along with Mr and Mrs Stewart asking incomprehensible questions about obscure topics and being asked by teams to give them more time to answer them. As if!
And one other if- if the Wing Centre had known that the Firemen were going to come down to the Blar and win the annual Shinty Quiz, he would have put a match to the heather on Culnakirk to keep them away: that way the kudos of winning the Shinty Quiz might have finally devolved on Mr Reid and his team. But it was not to be -though perhaps now that Mr Reid is approaching pensionable age, it might be possible that one of his sons buy him something to help him get the questions right. Might the Wing Centre suggest an excellent publication entitled “Balliemore Cups and How to Win Them: a Managers’ Manual” by W Maclean and D Menzies (Bloomsbury Press 1993). Despite the rather arty publisher, this is a most practical work, filled with good advice for the discerning reader as well as facts and figures which will come in handy for both Quiz setters and competitors.
One further point for Mr Reid. Writing down “Strathdearn Cup 1977” might get you one answer correct, but by itself it is not enough to win a whole quiz , far less build a lifestyle upon .
The score at the top is how the Wing Centre rationalises Saturday’s events. 8 goals scored and 8 goals gifted to undeserving opponents- and so karma is restored and a fine balance reflected his mood for the rest of the weekend.
The Strathglass result was the one which cheered up the whole of Lewiston, Druimlon and Balmacaan especially the goal-getting performance of our own “Peter Crouch” , Ross MacAulay.
The match notes which the Wing centre scribbled in a wee notebook with a picture of Loch Maree on the front of it tell their own story.
“Glen camped in Strath defence. 25 mins LH Drive from dist after slip through ball from D St. Ross got it . Screamer!!
Throw -up - ball out to rt. Ross- another beauty -27 mins.”
The thing about Ross’s display was that he was accurate. He did the simple things and he did them well. He took the ball neatly on his stick and nearly every strike he took made the goalie work which is exactly what forwards are supposed to do.
The rest of the first half scoring was completed by Stuart Morrison. Ross hit a long diagonal ball to the left wing which was kept in by Davie Stewart who fed it back across goal to be finished off by “the wily veteran” Why wily - why not? Why veteran?-just because.
In 41 minutes Billy Urquhart got the Glen’s fourth.
The latter part of the first half lost a bit of its savour when wing back Drew Maclennan who had been playing stoutly against, lets face it, an extremely stout Strathglass attack took a nasty knock on the side of the knee. Thanks to ref John Macleod who was quick with the first aid and good luck and quick healing to Drew who is now back on his feet and making a good recovery. Andrew Young took over the wing back spot and filled the gap well.
The second half saw Billy Urquhart knock a ball sideways to Stuart Morrison and once again the “wily veteran” knocked it home. Raymond Fraser countered for Strathglass with a long drive which- and the Wing Centre chooses his words carefully- “deceived” keeper Emery. Lets draw a veil over that one …..
And then Ross provided an immediate reply -not to mention replay of his first half goals -with another super strike from a flick on by Wily the Veteran. Finally, Davie Stewart made it 7-up after some excellent work from Ben Hosie had set him up.
And who else played well? Duncan Fraser did a good job in the middle when he came on and Gary Smith as usual was Mr Immaculate in deed as well as in conception. Malky Munro pressed all the right buttons while Euan Fraser showed class on the ball as did Andrew Macdonald : boys with lesser ability are playing in first teams in other Glens.
At the back - the full back- the last line of defence- the all round local hero and defender of international reputation did not have too much to do which was strange considering how the very same opponent gave the top team backs more than a bit of hassle on Arran’s big day in the Strath. The Wing Centre is of the considered opinion that IM can play a bit-if only he would play more often…… Such thoughts will drive the Wing Centre mad.
At the end of the match the Wing Centre looked in vain for a Glasach to smirk at : he had brought a libation with him in his car to offer a consolation draught to make up for his rather boorish behaviour on Arran‘s big day. But, here’s a funny thing, there was no-one to be seen or sensed -even Roy himself could not be heard. There was nothing for it but to go back up over Kerrow Brae and prepare for the Quiz.
The match in Fort William? You do the Math. Oh Yes young Master Reid scored a goal , which means he’s put one past a goalie who has played in a Camanachd Cup final!!
The picture for your delight this week is not a Japanese Ninja. So who is it? . Why none other than Our Beloved Chairman himself. Prisoners are not to be taken-you second team guys. If you want to duck training you will first have to go through the Supremo. Will you dare to defy ? That’s one Quiz question even Mr Reid would get right.

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