Friday, June 20, 2008

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

The Wing Centre has been silent this week because there is not much point in saying anything about last week's win against Inverness in the light of the fact that we are due to play Kingussie in the final of the MacTavish Cup tomorrow. How will the Glen do? Hopefully well : the Wing Centre takes the fact that house martins have built two nests on his humble home for the first time ever, to be an omen of the most propitious kind.
What can the Wing Centre do to help the cause?Apart from phoning up Ronald Ross's house on repeat dial so he gets no sleep the night before the final , very little. Except to print this picture from Phil Downie who won't mind since he has taken what will now become the iconic Glenurquhart photo of this generation-up there alongside Mr Reid' s sunny physog in the 1977 Strathdearn side. Why should this be? Because it captures the cool Mr Maclean in cheery mood. Somewhat aloof from his players -note the contrast with Mr Menzies and Coach Corrigan who are in there with the rest of the guys- Mr M still has the sunspecs on his head even in moments of ecstasy. How cool is that! Pretty cool in the Wing Centre's book. Deep respect.
Good luck tomorrow guys!!!!!
If you want to be inspired , have a wee listen to Willy Anderson's team talk. OK so he is trying to inspire Deke! However, it is almost moving at the end-and the sentiments are sound. Parental guidance recommended.

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