Monday, May 19, 2008

The Last Glen MacTavish Semi-Final Squad

Here they are-the last Glen squad to make the MacTavish semi.
The date is February 1987 and from the bare trees in the background it is clear that the venue is the Bught Park-a neutral venue for the Glen and for Lovat who were contesting the game that day. Even the Wing Centre feels badly for Kilmallie because of fickle coin of fate they have to come up North to play a semi final on their opponent's ground.
The Wing Centre would not relish a trip to the Canal Park and there is little doubt that Kilmallie would have preferred a different ground for this match, no matter how much they will try to tell themselves it does not matter . Truthfully a neutral ground is what both teams should have had.
However , we shall see : it will be a test for both sides -especially for the Glen. Kilmallie are a side with Premier experience- a year or three ago they were Camanachd finalists. They can play a bit.
It might also be salutary to remember what happened at the Bught 21 years ago.: Lovat were underestimated and in the end won 4-3 to make it to the final when the Glenners , man and boy, basically thought that all they had to do was turn up. How could they have underestimated a Crofter's team which could boast Don Neil Murchison, Ally Macrae, the Cumming brothers and possibly a youthful Gallagher and Macritchie. Easy enough-the Glen are great for being complacent. On the other hand there is no point in going out and being too concerned about Kilmallie. A proper respect is all that is required.
Look at the photo and marvel. At what?
At the absence from the photo of big Ron. No but he is in the photo! Look behind Iain Ross on the left-surely that is the unmistakable “Bella Mhor”, the favourite caman of the big man just visible behind the Strone urchin’s hip- and who else could be leaning on Bella but Ron himself.
Go oan yersel big man! Trouble is -too often he had to.
So none of that Lone Ranger stuff up front against Kilmallie on Saturday. Ron could do it but you can't. Just go ahead and recreate yourselves as Glen Legends!

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