Sunday, April 20, 2008

He-e-e-e-e-e-e-eere’s Benny !

Sutherland Cup
Glenurquhart 8 Lochaber 1
While the top side were over on the Misty Isle and in answer to the Wing Centre’s fervent prayer were actually scoring, Hendo’s youngsters were doing likewise at Blairbeg. To be fair they faced up to a very young Lochaber side which will mature in time but though the descendants of the West Highland cattle thieves put up a good display in the first half to keep the scores at 1-1 (despite several blows to the post from Glen camans) they were never going to cause such havoc as their ancestors did at Coire Buidhe.
The game opened on a rather risky note from the Glen when Dave Smart was booked in 2 minutes as a result of a mistimed tackle but made amends not long afterwards when after excellent work on the right by young Ben Hosie he fired a shot off the Lochaber post. Within a minute another youngster Bradley Dickson had a shot well saved by the Lochaber keeper.
The Glen were fully on the attack at this point and soon it was full forward Calum Fraser who broke through only to see his drive whiz narrowly past the post. If there was a feature of the match at this period it was the right wing forward display by Ben Hosie. Always willing to taken on his opponent and with an excellent touch on the stick he made life difficult for the Lochaber wing back who commendably was never tempted to strong arm the Glen winger off the ball.
In 20 minutes Hosie burst through the defence to get on to a Calum Fraser cut back but his shot flew narrowly past the left hand post. The Glen began to force a series of corners at the Druimlon end and twice more Hosie had his attempts blocked by the Lochaber keeper.
When the breakthrough came however in 30 minutes ,it was Bradley Dickson who was the supplier. Winning the ball on the left he squirmed it back to Calum Fraser who hit it briskly past the helpless Lochaber keeper.
The Glen continued to press and a snap shot from Smart came back off the post with the keeper stranded while a Fraser cut back again found Hosie who once more saw his shot pushed past for yet another corner.
Then just before half time , disaster struck . Some slack marking in the Glen midfield allowed the Cattle Lifters to get a rare ball forward and being the shady bunch they are they pinched a goal courtesy of a nice finish from Kenny Forsyth. The time of the theft was an irritating 44 minutes.
The second half however saw a different scenario played out . Within five minutes of the restart David Smart had restored the Glen lead with a neat finish and shortly afterwards Ben Hosie made it 3-1 thanks to an excellent finish from the edge of the D. Next it was the turn of Bradley Dickson to add to the Glen total with a magnificent strike from distance which the Lochaber keeper could do nothing about.
Ben Hosie was next on hand to score when he grabbed his second to make the Glen total 5. It was a fitting reward for the youngster because he continued his excellent display right throughout the second half . Not only did he place the corners he took from the right perfectly on to his onrushing forwards , he always looked to be creative whenever he got the ball and in the circumstances, being directly in front of young Neil Porter he received plenty of through ball. On several occasions he outwitted his opponent by flicking the ball back between his own legs to leave himself free to run on to goal and as the pitches dry out and if the grass is kept short he ought to find things should be more in his favour. As he returned to the wing after the strike the Club snapper captured the picture at the head of the report and because it contrasts so greatly with last week’s post Balliemore illustration
At this point Manager Henderson rang some changes and introduced wily veteran Stuart Morrison to the fray and he promptly rewarded the manager with two goals of his own -one which the Wing Centre did not see because he was busy taking a collection from the gaggle of interested observers who had assembled to spectate.
The second Morrison goal ,which made it 8 for the Glen, came interestingly enough in 88 minutes and is described as a “well struck shot” in the Wing Centre’s reporter’s notebook and so it probably was though it cannot bear comparison with the glorious 30 yard drive from David Smart which gave the Glen their 7th goal . It flew perfectly straight and true into the shop end goal and was along with Bradley’s earlier goal and Ben’s overall performance the reason why the Wing Centre has wasted so much of his adult life following the indigenous sport when he could have been digging his garden or completing DIY tasks around the house.
Just as the game ended word came through from the Inner Hebrides that the top side had won 3-1 and that Neale Reid and Lewis Maclennan had scored.
“Who got the third?” was the question asked.
It was Cork. There was delight all round the ground- and the joy continued unabated even when Astie at Alton Towers spoiled the celebration by reporting that Ally Mor had phoned to say the ball had come off a Skyeman called Alan Macleod. The Wing Centre wonders whether the fellow exists and that Ally Mor was trying to upset the Glen and produced off the top of his head for Astie’s benefit one of the two traditional generic names for Skyemen, the second being Angus Macdonald. Whatever - Ally Mor’s version stood and Alan Macleod got official credit for the goal - which is surprising because he plays for Strathglass..
It might be worth noting that the Glen minutes will undoubtedly grant the goal to Cork.

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