Sunday, January 11, 2009

Neale Reid confirmed as Young Player of the Year at annual Ceilidh Dance

This little section on the blog is a catch up: truthfully the loss of Peter took away a bit of the heart of the Wing Centre for silliness- and in due course with the permission of the family the “D” will carry some words about Peter and his connections to all things shinty in the Glen.
One piece worth noting is that fact that the Club had an excellent evening of dancing and feasting in the Clansman Hotel on the 14th of November.
On entering the building the company, which included several of the clubs generous sponsors, were greeted by the President, standing in front of two large display boards of photographs from the successful season. There were many excellent snaps on display but there is only one which will become iconic. That was the Phil Downie pic of the MacTavish penalty shootout celebration which the Courier saw fit to print again recently as the definitive picture of the shinty season. That pic is fated to become the Glen picture of the decade-that is unless the Camanachd Cup comes into the picture somewhere if you catch the drift.
The two Cups, potent symbols of a successful season, were of course in attendance as were two large iced cakes-one honouring each team- which were with due and solemn ceremony cut up into chewable chunks and distributed to as many of those present as were partial to cake.
The meal was an excellent one the details of which are at this present moment somewhat hazy in the recollection of the Wing Centre though he does remember that he commenced with seafood and moved on to chicken, tenderly embalmed in a sauce of the most exquisite sort.
The night drove on with mirth and dancing, the music for which was provided by the band Schiehallion the accordionist of which is none other than our own Goalie, Stuart Mackintosh. Stuart has had another excellent season between the sticks and as may be seen further down the blog made it into the Scotland Senior squad for the victory in Kilkenny against the Irish hurlers.
So struck was the Wing centre by the wonderful music that came from the band that he wrote about it in his annual letter to Santa and the Schiehallion CD magically appeared in his surgical stocking at Xmas. It is an excellent listen and all the more so because Stuart does not appear to be singing on it.
The picture which heads this blog is of course the one of Neale Reid who was selected by the managers as a worthy recipient of the Doey Fraser Cup for the Glen’s “Young Player of the Year”
Neale had an excellent season-one remembers in particular a spectacular performance against Beauly at Braeview which ,if my moles are right, was one of the prime cause of the decision of keeper Steve Lymburn to emigrate- and well merited the selection.
The only little hiccup on the way home was that the bus had somewhat of a problem in negotiating the runway from the hotel back on to the A82 but then given the hassle the Glen have had with buses especially in Ireland-(there is a whole article about a driver called Seumas waiting to be written) this was nothing new- and with our new Premier status doubtless there will be more fun to come on the buses.

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