Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Extra! Extra! Read All About It- Glen Management ousted by Chairman in Power grab.

So the end of the season has finally come and with it, for followers of the Glen, has also come mixed feelings. A 4-0 defeat by Inveraray in the last game of the season was a disappointment but with the dinner dance the night before – and booked as such for months- it was a disappointment to have had to play that match at all. It was after all the afternoon after the night before and with several first teamers off on holiday and some otherwise engaged ,the side eventually went to the Winterton with four under 17s in their ranks , a number of regulars nursing hangovers and two subs in late middle age (if not early old age)
Inverary needed the points of course and with a bound they were free, though if the Wing Centre were a Lochaberman he would have been concerned at the way things turned out and also the manner in which the men from Campbell Country lay down to the Butemen the very next week.It all conspires to make it look as if the Macdonalds are doomed. Still perhaps the boys from Spean will take the Glen’s contribution to their fate in the manner in which it was intended–as fair payment for the Raid of Inchbrine.
Anyway no one up here can understand why Sean Nicholson is not playing for the Glen anyway. He’s a Kilchuimener through and through and if he were to see sense he would add something to the red and black forward line without us having to go outwith the Glen so to speak. On the other hand maybe he wants a Balliemore medal, although the way the Camanachd Association are going they are liable to schedule the Balliemore matches at two in the morning and insist the final is played on the Fort Augustus Gala Day which probably won’t suit Sean at all.
The Dinner Dance was a grand affair with cloths on the tables and flowers and black and red balloons and–as always at a good party-a tear in the eye at the sad bit. No doubt about the sad bit that Friday-the departure of Davie Menzies and Billy Maclean after four years at the helm. It was a big commitment-especially in the Premier League what with off/on games in the Spring and Autumn. The guys gave it everything and the trip was fun. Thanks for the memories and aren’t the snaps of them with their farewell flowers something special? Other clubs hand out quaichs and silver mounted sticks-not so the Glen-here the offerings are bunches of lilies from Simpsons in the Market. Consider the lilies? Symbolic or what?
Also included is a snap of Calum Smith with the trophy which marks him out as Young Player of the Year. Calum has earned this trophy having been an ever present in the second team for the last two seasons as it has gone up the Leagues: he scored the all important goal which took the youngsters through to the London Shield final and he played his part in the senior squad too being part of the Clash of the Camans side. Hopefully Calum can move up to a permanent spot in the top side next season.

The AGM was held on Friday 4th December when the resignations became official. Nature abhors a vacuum however and into the gap left by the departing duo stepped the Chairman, Mr Barr. Into the shoes of Mr Barr stepped Rusell Fraser and otherwise all was as before though the departing Chairman was grateful for the continuing support of the backroom training squad of Alan Corrigan and Graham Whyte. He also drew attention to the fact that Mr Maclean and Mr Menzies were far from severing their ties with the indigenous sport and would be available to help with whatever was required. Davie was to serve on the committee where he was to be joined by former manager Ron Fraser and Dave Smith while Billy was happy to help out Helen Maclennan in training the youngste. So there we have it-season 2009 done and dusted except for the confirmation that Lochaber are relegated.
Nothing left now but to wait for Zandra’s Sixes and the whole thing gets going again.

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