Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Everything Tickety-Boo at Glen’s Big Do

It was “snow snow quick quick snow" outside the Clansman Hotel on Friday night but inside was warmth, friendship, good food – and from snake hips Tembo in particular- some pretty cool dancing. For the meal the dining room was tricked out in black and red with on the top table a row of cups –North Division 2 Championships, Marine Harvest Team of the Year, the Ali Ban, the Young Player of the Year trophy and of course the Strathdearn .This latter trophy was fiercely guarded all night by Mr Reid in the way a dog will guard a bone from a basketful of hungry puppies. Or at least something like that- but as you can tell from the pic he certainly wasn’t going to let that particular piece of silverware go off on its own to take its chances at the bar.

Club President Russell Fraser spoke to thank those who had helped inspire the Club to a successful season such as our sponsors, the main committee, the fund raising committee, the field preparation squad, the lottery organisers , the management(s), the trainer(s) , the youth helpers, the tea room team and of course the players.
Stuart Morrison spoke nicely about how much he has enjoyed his shinty playing for the Glen over 30 years and more and the assembled company accorded him a warm and heartfelt round of applause.
The main award for the evening was of course the “Young Player of the Year” and the choice this season was between two outstanding candidates- Ewan Brady, the top under-14 in the world in the Wing Centre’s opinion, and Kelvin Mackenzie who had a sparkling season in the second team which was crowned by outstanding performances in the finals of both the Sutherland and the Strathdearn Cups. In the end Kelvin picked up the trophy which is, unsurprisingly, why he is pictured holding it.
The meal provided was the usual excellent fare created by Rory and his kitchen crew- and was served with precision and care by skilled team of local waiters/tresses. For the record the Wing Centre had the chicken after a prawn starter though if truth be told he does not remember if he had pre-ordered those actual dishes having a tendency to tick random boxes on such forms to get them out of the way. However- and here is a tip that is willingly passed on it being the wisdom accrued over 40 years of attending and indeed “gatecrashing” many functions – if you sit near the kitchen entrance you can have pretty much anything you want. This can be more or less guaranteed if you smile at and make eye-contact or even conversation with a waitress, though it is best to do this before the meal is actually served. That way she will not guess at your motives and you will have a friend in the kitchen which is the only place you need to have a friend on such occasions- unless of course there is a buffet in which case a whole set of different rules apply. No matter-this was a technique the Wing Centre observed Jimmac using on the night though, since he could precisely remember what he ordered, there did not seem much point. But then again, Jimmac might just be a genuinely sociable guy.
After the meal, the music was by international goalie Stuart Mackintosh and his backing group Schiehallion which consisted of guitarist and singer Kenny Jamieson, Beauly piper Craig Mackenzie ( a “bandit” at the Drum Games by the way) and a young drummer-and the “nicht drave on wi’ sangs and clatter”.

The photo of Smack taken on the night had too much reflection from the window which was behind him- but here is a nice one of him in the Bught tunnel befor the international and clearly he is telling Ronald his playlist for the dance-not that Ronaldo will be doing much dancing himself this Yuletide. Then it was time to go out into the snow, back on the bus and off in the direction of the Glen to send out our Xmas Cards, elect a fresh Camanachd President and prepare for the new season.

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